Welcome to the world of ceramics. Let´s introduce our brand new, original and unique style of
ceramics. The roots can be found in 1996 when the author Linda Kůzlová finished Ceramics High
School in Bechyně. She started in a small village Hrdějovice where she had been living and
creating arts handmade ceramics. After that the style, manufactory and theme had been
developed together with the creative origin. Finally you can see the team work
outcomes of the Lizy Company. It´s created with patience and aim to be unique
and outstanding, a company with soul. Ceramics, which personifies individuality,
origin and quality of handmade is able to create feeling of breath-taking
uniqueness and beauty which you can own and enjoy whenever you want. This
is the reason why each product is certified with confirmation about it´s origin,
uniqueness and values.
(For more information please visit our CERTIFICATE section)